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We take your data and make it come alive! - ok that is a bit of a marketing overstatement, but we do put your data in a user friendly format online (or into whichever format works best for you and your end users).

At Reporting Dashboards we help you to provide your data in a format that works best for your clients. With over 10 years experience in producing reports our expertise will add an extra dimension to the way you pass the results to your target audience. Whatever the format of your data (data tables, line by line data, aggregations, excel workbooks) we consult with you (and your client if required) and provide a solution to getting those numbers (and any additional documents) out to the people who need to see them.

We start every project with an in depth client consultation, to get to understand the target audience, the regularity of updates and the appropriate delivery methods, and come to a solution that best fits your needs. If an online portal or dashboard is required we will discuss the formatting, the charts, and tables required, login levels and the data we will require in order to bring your project to reality.

Once we feel we have an understanding of the requirements we will put together a formal specification detailing the project in full including any mathematical calculations required, the structure of any logins and restricted content, and some flat examples (wirefames or mock ups) of the reports to be produced (if you are interested, we use a cut down version of the Volere system). After further discussions to refine and confirm those requirements, we will get to work in putting together your job.

Our online portals and reporting dashboards are hosted on our secure servers in the UK. All data is stored securely away from the users in a SQL database and only sent to the browser in its final formatted state (meaning that line by line data can be analysed dynamically without divulging any more than is shown in the report).

We can provide projects under your own URL if required (if you buy a URL for your project you can point it at our sub-domain which will then become the 'parent' web address for your site), or we will put your project within a secure folder under one of our non branded domain names.

For the lifetime of your project, we also maintain your data and reporting online to ensure that it meets your clients' and your needs. Future developments can be done at any stage allowing you to increase or improve functionality as the project matures, and data can be loaded at any time and as regularly as required to ensure that your site is always up to date.

If you have further questions, or would like an informal quote for building a reporting system for your company, please give us a call or an email today.

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