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On a daily, weekly or monthly basis, we can provide short term or long term contract operations support for your market research company. Whether you need part time support or a senior presence at a client meeting we can help you provide your clients with what they need. There are no agency fees to pay, just a simple daily or hourly rate, negotiated at the start of the project (contract rates are also available for specific projects). We believe that we can offer you the best value for money, while providing expert research support and advice to your company.

On competitive rates, we can support your company with scriptwriting, telephone unit/call centre managment and consultancy, excel and SQL support and reporting, and software transitions (eg moving projects from legacy Access database systems into more appropriate softwares). This can either be outsourced to us, or we can work at your offices to provide a truely supportive environment. Operations support through us is an investment that can help you offer more to your clients without the need to hire staff or develop in-house expertise. We can advise on the best ways to bring your products and services to market, and also the way to wisely invest for your projects without needing to break the bank on hardware and expensive IT. We support you with an MR ops department that delivers projects on time and within your budgets.

With nearly 20 years of market research support experience up to board level within MR Ops departments, call Iain today to see how we can fill in the gaps at your company without the need to pay expensive agency fees, or trying to shoehorn a candidate from another industry into your business. We are more than happy to take the stresses of a large project away from your team, providing leadership and support where needed to ensure that your client is served in a timely fashion and within realistic timeframes and expectations. MR Ops form an integral part of any project from a client's viewpoint. Cutting edge development and product provision is now affordable and deliverable by all companies no matter their size. The internet and modern technologies level the playing field for all companies allowing smaller companies and "one man bands" to offer the same product range as the multi-nationals.

Operations Support for CATI setup and consultancy

Iain has project managed the successful installation of 8 CATI centres over the past 20 years - Project leading and providing responsible decision making on the software and hardware to be used, project managing the physical installation, overseeing the recruitment of managers, team leaders and staff, writing processes and providing the paperwork to enable you to attain MRQSA/BS 7911 and ISO 20252 accreditation. At a minimum you should comply to IQCS standards from day one, and with the correct processes in place at the outset your inspections will be simple. When combined with support with scriptwriting and software setup we can get you up and running without breaking your team through the extra stresses and strains of its installation.

If you are considering setting up a CATI call centre we can also run feasibility studies based on yout budgets and proposed workload, and gauge the potential profitablity of running in-house vs outsourcing. CATI interviewing is a competitive market which can be full of potential pot holes that can cost you the margins on your projects.

Market Research Support for Scriptwriting or Software advice

In the market research industry there is a plethora of software available, some of it good, some average and some excellent. With experience of most of the softwares at some point, we can help you to choose the best one for your organisation and the way you plan to work, the services you intend to provide and the directions in which you intend to expand.

Not all softwares are created equal, and so we can offer experienced unbiased advice (we do not take comissions from any of the software companies) and ensure that you have the most appropriate sofware suite for your company. This is normally done by interviewing you or your staff (and if needed your end client) and finding out your exact requirements. We then draw up a short list of the best softwares for those requirements and if required attend the "sales" meetings with you to make sure that all of your questions are answered in plain english rather than potentially confusing "geek speak".

MR Ops Interview support

For small companies, employing the right staff first time is imperative. MR ops recruitment can be a hazardous process with your potential staff often "embellishing" their CVs and talking about technical areas that are confusing enough to deal with, let alone when you do not have a technical background. We can review your applicants CVs and attend interviews if required to give a professional opinion on an individual's suitability for the role.

Reporting Dashboards, Document Portals and Data Visualisation

One of our main strengths in Market Research Operations Support is the provision of online reporting and excel reporting setups, we can enable you to provide reporting suites to your clients or decks of Microsoft Office reports in powerpoint excel or Word without the need to manually create them (the report templates are populated automatically from your database or data tables and saved as individual reports). Research Support does not need to be limited to general MR Ops, we can finish specific projects for you where the workload would otherwise be too manually intensive or too difficuly to ensure the accurate and timely provision to your end client.

If you have a requirement within your company whether you are setting up a new call centre, bringing in a new scripting software, maternity or paternity cover, help with interviewing for new technical/operations staff, or just have too much or too technical work to cope with... call today to see how we can support your business as seamlessly as possible.

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