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example online dashboardIncreasingly clients are looking for ways to distribute their results online and provide "data visualisation". We specialise in helping you do just that. Over the years we have developed our methods to deliver your key messages where it matters. Data and reports can be confusing and mis-guided, demonstrating percentage changes at a high level will show how your business is performing, but does it really mean anything to the staff on the front line who can actually make a big day to day difference to your business.

A recent example of this is a reporting suite that we built for car manufacturer. For years, the business had been providing the dealerships with the Satisfaction and Recommendation scores, showing rises and falls over time and paying bonuses based on those numbers. We we called in to help and realised that while the figures were useful in telling them whether or not they would receive those bonuses it did little to tell them what they needed to improve in order to make sure that the money would be coming their way.

We totally redesigned the reporting format and broke the figure down into simple grass roots actionable points. By doing this the business saw an increase in overall customer satisfaction and loyalty as the information provided now gave a clear action plan to improve customer service levels by directly linking them back to how the business could improve. All the time, the customer facing staff saw it as a way of getting their bonus at the end of the quarter "If I offer new customers a welcome when they walk in the showroom, they are more likely to be happy with the service and I will get my bonus" is a lot more informative than "your customer satisfaction has fallen by 1%, unless you fix it you will not get paid"

While there are many applications out there that supposedly "help" you to do this, we feel that it is one of those jobs that is only worth learning if you are going to do it time and time again. The learning curve for most applications is steep, and unless you have a good understanding of how the web works before you start, can be a long and arduous path which can end with despair and the hiring of a professional to finish the job. Simply presenting numbers is not sufficient a lot of the time. In an increasingly technology savvy world, consumers and staff alike expect to be told what the data means rather than just be presented with a set of numbers. One of the common excuses for number "blindness" is "I can't do maths" and while that is a symptom of our time, it pays for you to present your data in a format that can be understood and actioned upon. We can advise on how to provide a tool to your staff to get your message across without confusing the majority of the people using it.

Collecting data and turning it into useable information at every level allows you and your clients to get that knowledge to where it is needed most, and in a format that is easily understood with the key drivers at the forefront of the application.

At Reporting Dashboards we want to help you to free your time to concentrate on the parts of your business that you specialise in. Utilising our experience in online reporting (we have built applications for car manufacturers, leisure attractions, utility companies and small businesses alike) we can provide you with a platform that enables you to meet your clients' and stakeholders' requirements without the stress and expense of learning to do it yourself.

We can collect your data straight from the respondents (mobile, web, telephone, face to face) or can accept data in most formats (.xls, .csv, data tables etc.) and will always recommend and advise on the best treatment to get it online.

All of our reporting dashboards can be branded to your company. As we set up each application as a separate entity on our servers, you can even have your own URL pointing your clients directly to your own branded login page.

Contact us today to see how we can help you get that information online. Speak to a specialist and you might be surprised at how easy and cost effective it is to get your application built, online and working.

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