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Excel Reporting

Sometimes the old ways are the best and most appropriate way to get your data out there. Excel has been used for years to produce both simple and complex market research reporting for clients that can be turned into PDFs, powerpoint reporting slides, presented as excel reporting or simply printed out and read through on paper.

We can help you produce those excel reports and excel dashboards en masse and automatically from your data and produce multiple consistent excel workbooks using advanced formulae and VBA macros.

excel reporting in vbaMost people use macros on a daily basis to perform basic tasks to help to get through repetitive tasks. We at reporting dashboards take that a step further and produce large report runs cost effectively and efficiently. By writing our macros by hand (no recording and editing later here) we create bespoke market research reporting solutions to save you time and money. Those old Access report applications that need a few hours of manual updating each month can be superceded and the compact and repair function made a thing of the past. If you are looking for a bespoke excel dashboard that allows you to really utilise the power of your data then call today for a chat and an in-depth explanation of what we can do.

Drawing on over 10 years programming experience in and for Market Research agencies, we can take your report templates and populate them dynamically based on breaks and splits from your tables and datasets.

Before we recommend a solution, we will always review your needs and build a set of requirements to give you a solution most appropriate to your report run.

Market Research Reporting

We can even integrate with your SQL server (if you have one) and utilise the power of excel to produce reports on a repetitive basis when your datasets are uploaded to the source. A company we recently contracted for reduced a monthly reporting cycle from 3½ weeks to 4½ days by automating the report process through SQL and excel. The benefits apart from the obvious one of cost, is that once a macro is set up, the reports are consistently produced against your dataset. No more monthly report checking marathons, the report is always created using your latest data and within the specification you have agreed.

Benefits of Automated Excel Reports and Excel Dashboards

Excel DashboardsAutomating Excel reporting allows you to run multiple reports from the same dataset. From your original template and specification we can write a program that creates a complete deck or set of reports utilising logic tests to populate them with data consistently and efficiently. A set of reports created with VBA removes the need for DTP'ists to type in results and therefore also removes those inconsistencies that can occur from mistyping and human error. Once a specification is agreed and a dataset provided a macro can be quickly provided and ready for testing, this can even be set up on an interim dataset so that as soon as your project is completed, the full report run can be quickly provided to your client. We can also provide templates for you too, with design considerations and internal dynamic options available we can turn your excel reports into applications in their own right.

Access Reports and Excel Reporting

If you currently rely on outdated Access Reports, we can reverse engineer the coding (look at the calculations that are used) and recreate the report into excel where it is much easier to edit and the reporting options and designs are much easier to update. If required we can also update, modify and maintain existing access reporting tools if the designer has left the company or there is insufficient documentation to remember how it actually does what it is meant to.

To speed up report production and eliminate errors to your end client talk to us today and see how we can help.

Talk to us today about reviewing your current report production processes and we will make our professional recommendations based on your circumstances. No blanket suggestions or generic solutions to problems that don't exist.




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