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Document Portals are a very effective way of sharing files within a project and communicating across a team. Files can be uploaded and downloaded securely and messages posted for the whole team to see. Files too large for email (up to 8Mb on our standard installation) can be distributed as required without clogging up inboxes and outboxes, and easily managed by the project administrators. "Cloud" file storage is becoming a normal part of home computing and is an excellent way to manage your remote workers and their file sharing. Once a project is added to the portal, clients and employees can communicate effectively within the site, with a trail of messages, modifications and project milestones available for review and monitoring.

We host our own portal which can be used by our clients (we just need a list of user email addresses to add logins to a project), or if you require more control, we can set you up your very own logoed portal for you to administrate and manage yourself. By adding a portal to your portfolio you can effectively add a controlled environment to communicate between staff or to your clients. Each "project" is set up as a separate login so all files and messages are restricted to only those logins that are given permission to see it (and one login can have access to multiple projects).

A very cost effective investment for any project involving multiple workers, and essential when those people are remotely located from one another. A standard portal with customised logo (using the project pier framework) costs from just £350 + VAT to set up. If you have your own hosting we can normally use that (depending on the amount of free space available) or for just £15 + VAT per month we can provide you with a 500Mb hosting and dedicated domain name.

If you are interested in document portals or any of the other services offered by reporting dashboards please call or email today

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