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To help you visualise the types of reports we can put together for you, we have provided a very simple dynamic reporting example here.

The web pages are generated as required from a database and the charts and tables automatically provided by the server. By clicking through the data on the charts and the table you can see how the raw data is called from the database, analysed and turned into a visual report. The charts within the drilldown (reached by clicking on a data point) are also coloured based on their performance against the overall mean score. The tables can also be sorted by column, allowing a rank to be clearly seen within the same page, or used as links to drill further into the data to an individual level.

From a simple web template we can create insightful and graphical information using your raw data. Whether in real-time or using static data, your website can be an important addition to your company's portfolio, enabling your clients to view their reports wherever in the world they may be.

When combined with a document portal, your online offering can be a cost effective (and secure) way to provide your clients with the information and files they need.

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