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Askia ScriptwriterFollowing on from a 15 year career in Market Research, we still keep up to date with the latest and greatest in script writing languages. As an active user of both Askia and MI Pro, we can help you to get your CATI and WAPI scripts into your call centre or online. Over the years we have also worked intensively with Quancept, Nebu, Pollox (if you can remember that one!) and Snap surveys so we can always dust off the old manuals if you need a bit of a hand. Experienced in questionnaires of all shapes and sizes, we can take on your most complex routings and requirements. We design our questionnaire routing with the data in mind to ensure that you have a clean dataset at the end of your project that is accurate and clearly laid out for analysis (or if you would rather then we can handle that for you as well). Questionnaire writing doesn't need to be a bottleneck in your company. Share the workload and free your staff up to take holidays, work reasonable hours, or simply deliver that important project on time.

CATI ScriptwriterIf you have a job that needs prioritising, or is simply a bit complicated, give us a ring and we will quickly provide you with a quote to get it done. Most scripts can be sent back to you for checking within 24 hours, and all revisions on that original script are included within the quoted price.

A typical 10 minute research questionnaire can be scripted for just £500 + VAT and you can be up and running the next day in most cases. We perform all first line checks in house, but of course you will need to spend some time checking yourself as only you know how you would like the questionnaire to work and appear on screen.

We like to work as part of your company and so if you have any questions or queries we are always available to discuss your options and the best way forwards. If you are looking for an Askia Scriptwriter, MI Pro Scriptwriter, Nebu Scriptwriter, or just some support and need advice from an experienced CATI scriptwriter to help guide you then please contact us today. We can come to you, or work remotely from our offices in High Wycombe if you prefer. We can also work out a discount if a support contract is over 5 days a month (over a minimum three month period).

Also included within our scriptwriting "repertoire" (although not CATI or WAPI) is the Eyes and Hands software for OCR. Writing both training manuals and process documentation, we can aid with your setup, or ongoing training within your Eyes and Hands projects.

CATI Scriptwriter / CATI Scripter

CATI or Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing is the most efficient way to record data collected over the Telephone within your call center. By allowing the interviewer to record the respondents' answers directly into your system, the application can then process the interview data automatically. Routing, quotas and sample management can all be presented to the interviewer on screen, managing your data and your quota limits without human intervention.

Askia Scriptwriter / Scripter

If you need an experienced Askia Scriptwriter (Senior Askia Scripter) on a short term basis (or even longer term for supporting your organisation), we can help you to script, check, format and report your questionnaires. One off scripts can be quickly and efficiently put together, and ongoing surveys maintained and managed. If you are migrating over to Askia, we can help with the pressures of multiple scripting or with training on different aspects of the surveys including hidden questions and complex routing. If you feel your time would be better spent on other projects, hire us as your professional script writer today.

MI Pro Scriptwriter / Scripter

MI Pro - while a new software in the UK has been prevelant in Scandanavia for a few years. Its forray into the UK market has started with projects overseen by Reporting Dashboards MD Iain Wooster. Utilising their experience in Web Surveys, they have brought in technologies from market leaders in analysis and dialer packagers to provide a software that competes strongly for market share straight out of the box. If you need help with choosing a software or are looking to upgrade your existing provision, then we strongly recommend that you take a look at MI Pro as a cost effective option. Please mention that you saw our advice here and bear us in mind should you need any MI Pro Scriptwriter, project management, change management or reporting support,

CATI Surveys

Modern CATI software has evolved to maintain your data regardless of the collection method. If you are running a CATI project - with the application of a template, that same survey can also be put onto the web without the requirement of setting up a new script. The advantage of this is that all of your data will follow the rules that you initially set up (with the allowances for web based scripts such as making it look "pretty" on screen), and your final data will be consistently maintained allowing analysis and reporting to take place on a single dataset.

At "Reporting Dashboards" we recommend, use and endorse the following Market Research Softwares for CATI surveys, Mobile Device surveys and Web surveys.

  • Askia Suite
  • MI Pro
  • Kinesis

The softwares are at the cutting edge of Market Research Tools. They can give your company the most up to date methodologies and multi modal dispersion of surveys (using web and CATI surveys simultaniously). Their simple interfaces and intuitive programming requirements allow you to produce your own web and CATI surveys with a couple of days training. If you require help in this (or don't have the time or inclination to learn yourself) we can take over all or some of the programming and project management for you. The softwares even provide you with analysis and reporting suites to enable your company to put the data you collect out into the world for your clients to see and use.

If you require a one off project and do not have the need to invest in technology in-house then we can also provide you with Web Surveys for interviewing on a one off basis. We will source your data, conduct the surveys and provide you with data or reports as you require. A one stop shop for your intervewing needs.

Web Surveys

WAPI (Web Aided Personal Interviewing) surveys are a cost efficient and effective way to reach your target audience through web surveys. Sample can be purchased to your exact sample requirements or targeted through social media such as facebook if appropriate, or if you have your own database then that can be used to approach your own customers.

Please contact us with your scripting requirements today.




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